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All Saint University - School of Medicine Dominica Application
Contact Information

Hillsborough Street Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica

1 866 602 9555


Did you know?...

On Academics

  • Each semester, All Saints University welcomes students with great potential, at both undergraduate and graduate levels from all over the globe. Our students are attracted by the chance to study at an internationally renowned University with outstanding achievements and innovation.
  • Through the academic and enrichment components of All Saints University, students will enhance their communication skills essential for the medical school studies through oral presentation, written assignments and group discussions on medically related topics. They will develop strategies to improve competitiveness for medical school success through group and individual advising, admissions seminars, board styles questions, and a workshop on test taking and study skills.


On Community Involvement

  • ASU is known for some of the most popular free health checkup fairs offered in Roseau!

On Dominica

  • Dominica is 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-4)
  • Driving is on the left
  • The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (ECD) is the currency used
  • The US dollar is widely accepted throughout the islands with a fixed exchange rate of US$1.00= EC$2.68
  • 225 species of fish make scuba diving in the waters of Dominica - a breathtaking and worthwhile experience for every student!
  • Movies that were filmed in Dominica include: White Squal and Pirates of the Caribbean I, II and III
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