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Ready for Clinicals?
All Saint University - School of Medicine Dominica Application
Contact Information

Hillsborough Street Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica

1 866 602 9555


Ready to begin your clinicals? Kindly complete the form below to notify us or call us at 1 866 602 9555. Students are advised to give the Administration or Clinical Department at least two weeks notice, informing the department of their intent to begin Clinical Clerkships and choice of clinical sites / hospitals.

Below are requirements for starting your clinical clerkship:

  • Successful completion of Basic Medical Science Curriculum and relevant University examinations is a requirement for clinical clerkship. 
  • Students are required to start clinical clerkships no later than 2 semesters (8 months) after completion of Basic Medical Sciences. 
  • A student who fails to commence clinical clerkships within 8 months of completion of Basic Medical Sciences is subject to a penalty in the amount of US $250 every subsequent month the clerkships are delayed. 
Location: Hillsborough Street Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica     Phone: 1 866 602 9555    Email:      Contact Form      Webmail