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Campus News
All Saint University - School of Medicine Dominica Application
Contact Information

Hillsborough Street Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica

1 866 602 9555



Licensing Examinations Verification Policy

Students must score 70 or higher on the NBME-administered CBSE or CCSE to be eligible to register for Medical Licensing Examinations. Students who fail to attain the minimum passing score are required to retake the NBME-administered CBSE or CCSE at the next available opportunity. Please contact the office of the Assistant Registrar (Administration) at for NBME-administered CBSE or CCSE scheduling. All NBME-administered CBSE and CCSE dates are available on 


Location: Hillsborough Street Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica     Phone: 1 866 602 9555    Email:      Contact Form      Webmail