5 Tips For A Successful New Semester

5 Tips For A Successful New Semester

A new semester is here again! You’re probably having jitters about the new academic year. No matter how prepared you might seem, starting a new semester can be nerve-racking. Whether you’re a first year college student, returning student or graduate student – here are 5 tips to set yourself up for a successful new semester.

Let’s dive right in!

  1. Get Organized

Good organizational skills helps you keep track of your responsibilities, promotes healthier eating, reduces stress and improves relationships.

Being organized facilitates great study skills and help you study more effectively. Find a suitable place to study and make sure the tools and resources needed for study are within proximity. Input all your tests, assignment due dates and class schedule into your planner or calendar so you can note important deadlines. Having a to-do list also keeps you motivated and focused on your goals.

  1. Ask questions

The importance of asking questions cannot be overemphasized. Asking questions give you a better understanding of subject topics. You don’t understand a term or concept? Ask questions!

You can ask your tutor, friends or classmates. Your teachers are there to teach you. In addition, you can look up information from confirmed internet sources and helpful books.

  1. Note taking

Note taking is the act of writing down salient points of information. Research have shown that taking notes in class has a positive influence on student learning. Learn to jot down notes when you’re in class. While studying, endeavor to write down the main points – this aids in retaining information.

  1. Join a study group

Forming study groups enhances learning. The group members get to share insights and learn from one another. This helps you prepare for exams, develop presentations and complete projects.

Effective study groups encourages active participation and inculcates discipline needed to curb procrastination. Join a study group and improve the chance of succeeding in your academics this semester.

  1. Learn time management

Time management skills are very important for students aiming for success in their studies. Studies show that effective time management relieves stress and lowers anxiety thus enabling students perform better academically. Time management helps you prioritize tasks and schedule to-dos so your school work doesn’t seem overwhelming.