All Saints faculty is comprised of highly qualified, experienced and committed professors. All Basic Medical Science professors possess an MD or Ph.D. or both degrees and they take pride in providing quality education to their students and one-on-one attention to students.

Dr. Clayton Shillingford, PhD
Dr. Wole Odemuyiwa, PhD
Dr. Reddy Subash, MD
Dr. Frank A, MD

Dr. Joshua Yusuf, President
Dr. Avonelle Bruney, Director of Internal Affairs 
Dr. Terrence Marcelle, MD MBA JD (Florida), Executive Dean 
Dr. Anzhelika Ivasenko, MD PhD, Dean of Basic Sciences
Mr. David Abiodun, M.Sc., Registrar (Administration)
Dr. Florin Buhas, MD, Registrar (Academic)
Dr. Adegbenro Fakoya, MBBS, M.Sc., Dean of Student Affairs
Mr. John Michael, CGA CPA, Financial Controller

Dr.Terrence Marcelle (Executive Dean)
Dr. Angelika Ivasenko (Dean of Academic Affairs)
Dr. Dennis Navidad (Dean of Basic Sciences)
Dr. Reisha Browne-Caesar (Dean of Clinical Affairs)
Miss Antonia Aaron, Assistant Registrar (Academic)
Miss Lisa Lafond (Administrative Secretary)

Dr. Florin Buhas, MD (Oradea), Registrar (Academics)
Mr. Ibikunle David Abiodun, M.Sc.(Ibadan), Registrar (Admin.) and Financial Aid Officer
Mrs. Dipti Sharma, B. Pharm (Jalandhar), Senior Assistant Registrar (Clinical Affairs)
Miss Anastasia Y. Rykova, BA (Toronto), Assistant Registrar (Academic)
Miss Glenda Samuel, Assistant Registrar (Administration)
Mrs. Pritam Shahukar, MSc. (Maharashtra), Assistant Technology Officer 
Miss Raida Toma, Registrar’s Assistant 
Miss Deanna Gallant, Receptionist 

John Michael, CGA CPA, Financial Controller
Stephen Mariathasan, MBA
Erika Romo (Accounts Clerk)

Dr. Justin Fadipe, MBBS, FRCS, Professor and Chair
Dr. Adegbenro Fakoya, MBBS (Ibadan) M.Sc. (Bristol), Associate Professor
Dr. Subodh Yadav, MBBS (Zhengzhou), MS (Dharan), Assistant Professor 
Dr. Chidambra Halari MBBS (Maharashtra), MSc. (Oxford), Assistant Professor (Visiting)

Dr. Angelika Ivasenko, MD PhD (Lugansk), Professor and Chair
Dr. Renu Yadav, BDS MD (Dharan), Assistant Professor 
Dr. Esther Akingbade, PhD (Ibadan), Professor (visiting)

Biochemistry and Pharmacology
Dr. Olugbenga Morebise, PhD (Ibadan), Professor and Chair
Dr. Peter Rogers, PhD (Michigan), Professor
Dr. Nikhilesh Anand, MBBS (Bangalore), MD (Mangalore), Associate Professor
Dr. Andrii Puzyrenko, MD PhD (Kiev), Assistant Professor
Dr. Inna Shypilova, MD PhD (Lugansk), Associate Professor (visiting)

Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Dennis Navidad, MD (Cebu), Associate Professor and Chair
Dr. Terrence Marcelle, MD, MBA, JD (Florida), Professor
Dr. Paul Issa, MD (Dominica), Drs doctorandus (Netherlands), PGDip. (London), Associate Professor
Dr. Jozelle Miller, PhD (Birmingham), Associate Professor (visiting)

Pathology and Microbiology 
Dr. Festus Adu, DVM (Kiev), MSc. (Wisconsin), PhD (Ibadan), Professor
Dr. Samith Ahmed, MBBS, MD (Mangalore), Assistant Professor
Dr. Samira Abdul Wajid, MBBS (Bangalore), MD (Karnataka), Assistant Professor
Dr. Andy St. Hillarie, MBBS (UWI) M.Phil. (Utah), Assistant Professor 
Dr. Srinivas Medavarapu, MD (Andhra Pradesh), Assistant Professor
Dr. Moheem M. Halari, MBBS (Maharashtra), MSc. (London), Dip.FHID (London), Visiting Professor

Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Physical Diagnosis
Dr. Reisha Browne-Caesar, MD (UWI), FACN, Professor and Chair
Dr. Curvin Ferreira, MD, Professor
Dr. Samuel Christian, MD (UWI), Associate Professor
Dr. Jeremy Cuffy, MD M.Sc. (Kingston, UK), Assistant Professor

Lecturers / Instructors
Dr. Olufunke Olunu, MD (Dominica), Instructor (Microbiology)
Dr. Marie Affana, MD (Dominica), Instructor (Physiology)
Dr. Clementine Affana, MD (Dominica), Instructor (Behavioral Sciences)

Dr. Curvin Ferreira, MD, Dean of Clinical Affairs (Academic)
Dr. Reisha Browne-Caesar, MD, FACN Dean of Clinical Affairs (Administration)
Dr. Chidambra Halari, MBBS (Maharashtra), M.Sc. (Oxford), Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs (Administration)
Dr. Moheem M. Halari, MBBS (Maharashtra), M.Sc. (London), Dip.FHID (London), Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs (Academic)
Dr. S. Suhail, MD, Associate Dean (IL, USA)
Dr. E. Elzawi, MD FRCPC ABIM (Associate Dean, Canada)

Davina Jones, B.Sc. (Library Science), (Pennsylvania), University Librarian
Pearl Richards, Assistant Librarian

Mr. David Bruney, LLB (Former Attorney General, Commonwealth of Dominica)
Immigration and Legal Affairs
Mr. Frankie Bellot, Liaison Officer, Public Relations, Housing and Transportation
Mrs. Janet Abiodun, M.Ed., Counselling Department

Akpakpan Etieno, Student Council President
Joel Bello, AMSA President