Student Dismissal Policy

Student Dismissal Policy

Suspension or Dismissal (non-voluntary permanent expulsion) of a student from a degree programme may be recommended by the Student Promotions Committee (SPC) to the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) and President. The final decision on dismissal is taken by the CAO and President and ratified by the Governing Board. Dismissal or suspension may be recommended on Academic grounds or on Non-Academic grounds, including failure to meet acceptable standards of academic progress and performance, or professional behaviour. Any student facing dismissal will have the right to appeal against the dismissal or may request to voluntarily withdraw from the university prior to final ratification of the dismissal decision by the Governing Board. Such requests to withdraw may be approved directly by the Chair of the SPC and the Registrar (Academic). A student’s finalized dismissal or approved voluntary withdrawal is not reversible.

A. Academic Dismissal

The Student Promotions Committee (SPC) may determine that a student is not making satisfactory academic progress towards the completion of their MD degree program and that the student be dismissed on academic grounds if they fail: (i) Two or more semesters following remediation in either the basic science or clerkship courses. (ii) To remediate required elements of a period of academic probation. (iii) A course or a rotation whilst on academic probation. (iv) Two core or two elective rotations. (v) A core rotation as well as an elective rotation. (vi) Either CBSE, CCSE or USMLE (Step 1 or Step 2) exams three times. (vii) To complete the program within 8 years from matriculation.

B. Non-Academic Dismissal

A meeting of the Disciplinary Committee may recommend to the SPC that a student be dismissed from the programme for deficiencies in acceptable standards of ethics, professional behaviour, or violations of campus or university Honour Code policies (as defined in the Student Handbook). Such grounds for dismissal include but are not limited to:

  1. Submission of fraudulent documentation to gain admission to the programme.
  2. Students who misrepresent themselves as having been awarded an MD degree.
  3. Engaging in plagiarism or cheating in examinations.
  4. Failure to comply with terms of suspension, probation or leave of absence.
  5. Failure to comply with the University policy on class attendance.
  6. Proven criminal behaviour.
  7. Non-academic violation(s) of the Honour Code including harassment; discrimination; bringing false charges against an individual and/or physical offenses against an individual or university property.
  8. Students medically certified as unfit to continue to meet the technical standards required for their studies or are found to present a physical danger to themselves or to colleagues or other members of the University may be subject to dismissal from the school.

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