May – August (Summer) Semester to be conducted Online and In-Person.
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Miscellaneous Fees

Late Payment

Fees are due two months prior to commencement of the semester. If fees are not paid on time, de-registration may occur. A $250 penalty will be applied upon reinstatement. Returning students are required to pay tuition fees one month prior to the beginning of the semester or else a $250 late payment fee will be charged. Any student who is absent for two terms or semesters without providing a valid written request and without obtaining prior approval from the university authorities may be subject to sanction or dismissal from the university; this would appear in the transcript of academic record of such a student.

Student Government Fee

Every student is a member of the central student government. Student government fee of  US$150 student government fee is to be paid annually at the beginning of the academic year or semester at US$50 per semester.

Examination Fee

Every semester has an examination fee of US $90 per pre-med semester and USD $150 per basic medical science semester. 

Graduation Fee

All students who wish to receive their diploma must pay a fee of US $500. 

Lifestyle Expenses

from $400
Food and lodging can range from $450 to $1000 per month depending on individual habits and preferences. Housing expenses usually vary between US$200 and US$450 per month depending on the type of apartment and whether it is single or double occupancy.  Food expenses also vary depending on individual taste and habit.

Caution Fees

All students are required to pay US $150.00 as caution deposit for the histo/path lab. This amount will be refunded upon completion of the course if no damages to slides and microscopes are incurred. The government requires that students obtain proper health insurance before they arrive on the island. 

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Student Insurance

There will be no exceptions to this requirement. International Student Insurance (Click Here) provides various links that may assist you in your search for the right insurance plan.

Indemnity/Malpractice Insurance During Clinical Rotations

All students are required to obtain malpractice insurance prior to commencement of their clinical rotations. All Saints will assist students with information concerning insurance companies which provide this service.

Please note that the cost of malpractice insurance is not included in the tuition fees The cost usually is approximately US$ 900 - 1200 per year.

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