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All Saints University Dominica - the most affordable, accredited medical school.
Providing affordable tuition, a variety of scholarships, and extensive financial aid options.
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Top MD Degree Program
Consistently ranked among the top primary care medical schools, our small class sizes enhance the individual learning experience.
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Nursing Program
Beside MD Degree programs, we offer 4-year (8 semesters) and 3-year (6 semesters) Bachelor of Science degree programs in Nursing.
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Realize your dreams of becoming a great physician at All Saints Dominica; a Great Place to Study and Graduate!
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Going to medical school can be overwhelming.
If you’ve been putting your ambitions on hold, it's time to stop waiting.
All you need is the right school and a team of faculty, staff, and administrators who believe in you.

4-Year MD Program

The 4-year MD degree program is designed for applicants who have a Bachelors degree in the Sciences or completion of at least two years of post secondary education...

5-Year MD Program

For recent High School graduates who are interested in getting direct admission into medicine, the 5 year MD degree program is the option for you...

Nursing Program

We offer 4-year and 3-year Bachelor of Science degree programs in Nursing. Applicants must possess a high school/secondary school diploma or certificate...

Our University Provides Quality Education and An Invaluable Experience

From Our Recent Graduates

All Saints University holds information seminars throughout the world. We invite you to join us to discover an All Saints Education and realize your dreams of becoming a great physician.

Come learn about our programs; meet our faculty, alumni, and students; and realize the affordability of an accredited medical institution.

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