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4-Year MD Program

The 4-year MD degree program is designed for applicants who have a Bachelors degree in the Sciences or completion of at least two years of post secondary education…

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5-Year MD Program

For recent High School graduates who are interested in getting direct admission into medicine, the 5 year MD degree program is the option for you…

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Nursing Program

We offer a Bachelor of Science degree programs in Nursing which includes getting hands on experience. Applicants must possess a high school/secondary school diploma or certificate…

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About Our University

All Saints University is a private medical school located on the Caribbean island of Dominica. It was established in 2006 with a mission to provide affordable and quality medical education to students from all over the world. The university offers a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program that is accredited by the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM), Ireland. All Saints University has state-of-the-art facilities including well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, a modern library, and on-campus housing. The university also provides various extracurricular activities, including sports, cultural events, and community outreach programs. All Saints University is committed to training competent and compassionate doctors who will make a positive impact in the world.

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Life At All Saints


All Saints University is an excellent choice for students who are passionate about pursuing a career in medicine. The university offers accredited and affordable degree programs in medicine, nursing, and healthcare administration, providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen field. With a focus on hands-on training and real-world experience, All Saints University prepares its graduates for success in the ever-evolving world of healthcare. Moreover, the university’s location in the Caribbean offers an ideal learning environment with a multicultural experience. Choose All Saints University for a quality education that prepares you for a rewarding career in medicine.

All Saints University is an accredited institution that offers high-quality medical education to students around the world. The university is accredited by international accreditation bodies, including the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM) in Ireland, which has recognized the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree programs of All Saints University School of Medicine, Dominica. Additionally, the university is recognized by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), allowing graduates to sit for qualifying examinations, obtain practice licenses and practice medicine in various countries. All Saints University is committed to providing accredited programs that meet the highest standards of medical education.

Life on campus at All Saints University School of Medicine is vibrant and engaging. With a modern and well-equipped campus in the heart of the city of Roseau, the capital of Dominica, students have access to state-of-the-art facilities for learning and relaxation. The campus features well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, a library with tens of thousands of resources, a cafeteria with a variety of food and refreshment options, and a lounge and gym room for students to relax or work out. Round-the-clock security ensures safety on campus, and the University also provides transportation services and assistance with housing for students.

The alumni of All Saints University are spread across the globe, making significant contributions in the field of medicine. Graduates from All Saints University are practicing medicine in various countries, including the United States, Canada, and Dominica, and all UN-member states. The university has an active alumni association that fosters lifelong connections and networking opportunities for graduates. The alumni association organizes various events, seminars, and workshops to keep graduates updated on the latest developments in medicine and healthcare. The alumni of All Saints University are a testament to the quality of education provided by the university, and their success in their respective fields is a source of pride for the institution.


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All Saints University provides various scholarships and financial adid to help students pursue their medical education.

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