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Management & Faculty

Welcome to our Faculty & Staff page! Get to know the incredible individuals who make up the heart and soul of our institution. Our dedicated faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and real-world experience to the classroom, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning environment for our students. From experienced physicians and researchers to compassionate mentors, our team is committed to providing the highest quality education and support. Likewise, our exceptional staff members work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth functioning of our university and providing invaluable assistance to both students and faculty. Together, they create a nurturing and collaborative community that fosters academic excellence and personal growth. Explore this page to learn more about the extraordinary individuals who are shaping the future of healthcare through their passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to our students’ success.


Dr. Subhash Reddy, MBBS MD (Hyderabad), FACC, Heart Care LLC., Indiana

Dr. Solomon Odemuyiwa, DVSc. (Guelph), Head (Molecular Diagnostics), U. Missouri

Dr. Lokendra Thakur, MBBS (Koirala), Assistant Professor, Temple University

Dr. Akindele Odeshi, Dr. Ing. (Chemnitz), Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. E. Elzawi, MD FRCPC ABIM

Ms. Florence Akinloye, MAcc, CPA

Hon Petter Saint-Jean, Former Honorable Minister of Education, Dominica

Dr. Mark Slivkoff, PhD, Associate Professor, Engineering Medicine, Texas A and M University, Texas

Captain Abiodun Sule, PhD

Dr. Charlotte Jeremy-Cuffy, MD, MSc. (Kingston, London)


Dr. Stanley John White, PhD (Manchester), Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. Wisam Al-Hafidh, MBChB, FRCS (UK), Dean of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Navin Patil, MBBS, FAGE, MD (India), Dean of Basic Science (Ag)

Dr. Olha Puzyrenko, MD (Kiev), Dean of Student Affairs

Dr. Solomon Kareddula, MBBS MD (Nagarjuna), Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Racheal Andrew, MD (Havana), Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Sameer Suhail, MD (Belize), Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs (Illinois)

Dr. Esther Monday, MD (Dominica), M.Sc. (S. Wales), Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs


Dr. Guzin Dincel, MD (Istanbul), Registrar (Academic)

Mr. Ibikunle David Abiodun, M.Sc.(Ibadan), Registrar (Admin.) and Financial Aid Officer

Mrs. Dipti Sharma, B. Pharm (Jalandhar), Associate Registrar (Clinical Affairs)

Mrs. Pritam Shahukar, MSc. (Maharashtra), Associate Registrar (Records and Systems)

Mrs. Kemi Amusan, BA (Lagos), Assistant Registrar

Ms. Atefeh Taherian Kalati, MA (London, Ontario), Assistant Registrar

Ms. Alessandria Marello, Admission Officer

Ms. Lisa Lafond, B.Sc. (St. Lucia) Assistant Registrar of Academics

Ms. Melissa Alexander, B.Sc. (Huazhong, China), Administrative Assistant


John Michael, CGA CPA, Financial Controller

Hari Lamichhane, CA, CMA, B.Comm. (Dehradun), Accountant

Mary Ann Cuyo, BSc (Business Accounting (Baguio), Accounts Officer


Dr. Santosh Malwade, MBBS (Aurangbad, MH), MSc. (Ohio), (Associate Professor and Chair)

Dr. Wisam Al-Hafidh, MBChB, FRCS (UK), Professor

Dr. Navin Patil, MBBS (Manipal) MD (Karnataka), FAGE, Professor

Dr. Esther Monday, MD ( Dominica), Msc (South Wales )(Associate Professor)

Dr. Marie Affana, MD (Dominica), (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Daramfon Udofia, MD (Dominica), (Instructor)

Dr. Chidambra Halari MBBS (Maharashtra), MSc. (London), (Adjunct Professor)


Dr. Sergii Vernigorodskiy MD (Pirogov), PhD (Kiev), (Professor and Chair)

Dr. Stanley White, PhD (Manchester), (Professor)

Dr. Esther Akingbade, PhD (Ibadan), (Professor)

Dr. Solomon Karredula, MBBS (Nagarjuna), MD (Andhra), Associate Professor

Dr. Shanti Gurung, BDS (Dhaka), MD (Manipal), Assistant Professor

Dr. Enoch Adewara, MD (Dominica), (Instructor)

Dr. Moheem Halari, MBBS (Maharashtra), MSc. (London) (Adjunct Professor)

Dr. Andrii Puzyrenko, MD PhD (Kiev), Adjunct Associate Professor


Dr. Olugbenga Morebise, PhD (Ibadan), (Professor and Chair)

Dr. Festus Adu, DVM (Kiev), MSc. (Wisconsin), PhD (Ibadan) (Professor)

Dr. Joshua Owolabi, B.Sc. (Ife), PhD (Vancouver) (Professor)

Dr. Kayode Oyediran, MBBS (Ibadan), FMC Path (Assistant Professor)


Dr. Dipak Sharma, MBBS (Assam), MPH (Johns Hopkins), (Associate Professor and Chair)

Dr. Paul Issa, MD (Dominica), PGDip. (London), (Associate Professor)

Dr. Delia Graham, MD (Dominica), (Assistant Professor)


Dr. Rachael Andrew, MD (Havana), (Associate Professor)

Dr. Wisam Al-Hafidh, MBChB, FRCS (UK), Professor

Dr. Solomon Karredula, MBBS (Nagarjuna), MD (Andhra), Associate Professor

Dr. Suhas Kotbagi, MD (St. Lucia), MBA (Alagappa), (Associate Professor)

Dr. Olha Puzyrenko, MD (Kiev), (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Khan, MBBS, PG Dipl (Karachi), (Associate Professor)

Dr. Vanaja Thirukkumaran, MD, (St. Lucia), (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Bolaji Ayinde, MD (Dominica), (Instructor)


Mrs. Shoyéa-Gaye Grant-Massicotte, MSc. (Clin. Psychology)(UWI)

Mrs. Janet Abiodun, M.Ed (Ibadan)


Davina Jones, B.Sc. (Library Science), (Pennsylvania), University Librarian

Esther Oladele, B.Sc. (Minna), Assistant Librarian


Khaleed Desmond, Student Council President
Miracle Oparah, AMSA President


1. Dr Navin Patil – Chair -University research committee.

2. Dr Olugbenga Morebise – Scientific committee member

3. Dr. Esther Monday – Scientific committee member

4. Dr .Shanti Gurung – Scientific committee member

5. Dr. Shakeel Khan – Member

6. Dr. Oyediran – Member