Dominica Campus

Hillsborough Street, Roseau
Commonwealth of Dominica

Phone: 1.767.440.5220
Fax: 1.767.440.5219

Canadian Information Office

Path Excellence Inc.
B210 – 5145 Steeles Ave. W.
Toronto, ON M9L 1R5

Phone: 1.866.602.9555
Fax: 1.647.436.1635

U.S. Information and Clinical Liaison Office

Path Excellence LLC
910 W Van Buren Street
Flr 2, Ste 210
Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: 1.866.602.9555
Fax: 1.647.436.1635

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Ms. Martha Wojnarowicz
Assistant Registrar (Admissions)

Ms. Anastasia Rykova
Senior Assistant Registrar (Academic)
Mrs. Dipti Sharma
Associate Registrar (Clinical)
Ms. Guzin Dincel
Registrar (Academic)