Allsaints Have Remained Etched In My Memory

I grew up with a tremendous curiosity for the complexity of the human body. I possessed a strong drive believing in health promotion and primary prevention as the key components for medicine.

At age 26, I relocated to Canada with my family. The move generated new challenges, both expected and unexpected. I learned English and attended nursing school. Doing so, I maintained my role as a mother and worked full time as a waitress. This challenging time also gave me a new found confidence in my ability to work hard, multitask and handle stress. I see myself better equipped to adapt to any situation. Most recently, I had the opportunity to attend All Saints University, a well-established medical school in the Caribbean that made it their mission to ensure that education was delivered by only well-trained professors and lecturers. Through this institution I was taught the importance of work ethics, diligence and conduct when working as a team member. I gained not only medical knowledge but learned life lessons that have helped shape my character. This has enabled me to adapt to any situation in which I find myself. Every opportunity that presents itself now gives me the chance to put the very best into all I do and I remain motivated despite limitations, aiming to leave any situation better than I found it.

The various inspiring encounters I have had in my medical training with All Saints have remained etched in my memory. This has become the driving force for my seeking to continue my medical career in Internal Medicine. I look forward to the upcoming residency training with the medicine faculty of the University of Toronto. I give thanks to all the wonderful support from the staff member in All Saints!!

Maggie Yongci Yu, MD

University of Toronto, IM